Dr. Irena Yaghi is a certified provider for Smilefast Magic Braces.logo[1].png - small


Smilefast Magic Braces is a revolutionary new treatment using the latest technology to cosmetically align your teeth in around only six months.


We use discreet clear braces that blend seamlessly with your teeth.


Fewer patient visits means a more affordable option.


Magic Braces are designed with adult needs in mind - to have a great smile in a short amount of time that also costs you less.





 For patients under 18 years of age we advise to have traditional orthodontic treatment instead of fast orthodontics.



female 13 years old before orthodontic treatment

APC low profile braces

7 months in treatment, great result


 before and after photos of SmileFast cases


after 8 months


after 7 months


after 7 months

Magic Braces can treat a wide range of concerns; this includes but not limited to:


* Gaps between teeth

* Crowded teeth

* Uneven gum lines

* Crooked teeth

* Protruding teeth

* Prominent front teeth


Not everyone is suitable for cosmetic fast orthodontics.  For your free orthodontic assessment please contact Revesby Dental Surgery.


For patients under 18 years of age we usually advise to have traditional comprehensive orthodontic treatment.



Upper expansion

Upper protrusion

Upper spacing

Edge to edge bite

Introducing Damon System - More than Straight Teeth.  Available at Revesby Dental Surgery Now.

13 year old female before and after 12 months treatment.

16 year old female before and after 13 months treatment.

24 year old female before and after 10 months treatment.




                                     26 year old male, before & after 13 months orthodontic treatment.









Looking for an alternative to metal braces?


ClearCorrect is the clear and simple alternative to braces.


It's a series of clear, custom-made, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth as you wear them, each aligner moving your teeth just a little bit at a time.


They're practically invisible, so most people won't even know you're in treatment, they fit you perfectly, so they're more comfortable than regular braces, and they're removable, so you can eat whatever you like and clean your teeth normally.