Periodontics (Gum Disease)

Periodontal disease or gum problems is a major cause of tooth loss in Australia, with around 80% of adults experiencing some form of gum disease over their lifetime. Some people are much more at risk of developing periodontal disease due to smoking, diabetes, stress, pregnancy or some medications. Fortunately, most of the time periodontal disease is preventable.


Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria which form plaque, a sticky, colourless film that build ups on your teeth. Other bacteria can live in the “pocket “or gap between your gum and tooth. Left untreated, these bacteria can cause gum disease and permanent damage to the supporting tissues of your mouth.


To eliminate gum disease-causing bacteria, treatment usually includes scrupulous at-home oral care, professional cleaning of the teeth above and below the gum to remove plaque and calculus, a program of regular maintenance therapy and eliminating risk factors like smoking.


In most cases, we can arrest progression of gum disease, however early diagnosis and treatment will give much better result and prognosis.